Smart Groups and "See Also"

I’ve combined three separate databases into a single catch-all database and am planning its sub-division into various folders of content. According the DT instructions and recommendations, a structure of sub-folders helps the classification engine and ‘see also’ functionality.

My question is: can smart groups fulfil the same purpose as subfolders? In other words, if I build a set of smart groups according to various search criteria, do the smart groups contribute to DT’s fuzzy logic when classifying and sorting data? Or do actual groups provide an advantage?

Thanks in advance - I’ve spent the last week or so exploring the final 2.0 version of DT and (my concerns about the GUI aside) this really is a mind-bogglingly sophisticated programme and a serious technical achievement, so congrats all round.

Smart groups don’t have any impact on the structure of the database and therefore don’t improve See Also/Classify. Only groups, replicants & tags do this.

Drat. Thanks Christian.