Smart Groups collating across databases

Good afternoon,

I am a newcomer to DEVONThink and I am only just getting to grips with its complexities and nuances. So forgive me if this is a question already asked – I am reading through previous form posts, but that also takes some time.

I am in the process of organising a number of academic research projects which, although related, are still quite dissimilar. They may overlap in places, but the approaches, methodologies, and materials are often quite different.

Initially, I thought about setting up separate databases for each project, but I encountered this problem: where I retain material within a database, I set up smart groups to search for terms and retain the same material, where relevant, in other projects. So, for example, materials containing the term ‘soft law’ might be relevant to more than one project so I’d like them automatically saved to more than one database. That does not seem possible: smart groups do not seem to collate across separate databases. If they do, how is this done?

So, I have created one main database for all my projects and separated everything into groups and sub-groups, and smart groups within those sub-groups where needed. Is there a better way to do this?

Secondly, annotation of clippings, PDFs especially, is somewhat frustrating. I cannot seem to:

i. change the font size of annotated notes I make within a PDF;
ii. alter the location of a comment annotation, which instead of appearing to the left-hand side as articles and videos about DEVONThink suggest, appears on the page, obscuring text. I can move the small icon that leads to the comment, but not the comment itself (nor can I change the icon, even though other options exist). Is there a tutorial I can access on this?

Many thanks for your help!

Global smart groups, in the sidebar at the left, operate on all open databases.
So does Tools > Search.

Click the annotation itself and press Command-T to open the fonts panel where you can set the font attributes for the text annotation.

The video is out of date and Apple’s PDFKit doesn’t display Note annotations like that. Double-clicking to display the content is the current method.

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Many thanks! Apologies for the delay – I had no idea you’d replied. I have updated my notification settings now.

No worries and you’re welcome!