Smart Groups - create sub folders? make set for each databa

Hi, Everyone!

I’m brand new to DTPro, using trial version about 3 days, but loving it!

Biggest questions now are

  1. can I make a different set of Smart Groups for each database? If so, how?
  2. can I make Sub Groups within a Smart Group? For instance in a database of photos, could I make a smart group for families, with sub groups for each family member? Or is there some other way to batch a related set of Smart Groups under one folder or heading or such? As it is now, I have over 100 Smart Groups all in one big list which is way too cumbersome for practical use.

Minor question - is there a way to rename a database?

Thanks in Advance,

  1. Yes. When working in a database you can choose Data > New > Smart group.

Tip: If you use the full Search window (Tools > Search), any query can be saved as a smart group. To do that, click on the “+” button to the right of the query field and name the new smart group.

  1. No. A smart group is a list of search results that updates the search each time it is opened. If you need hierarchies, use groups, or even tags.

  2. There are two ways to rename a DT Pro or Pro Office database:

3a) Choose File > Database Properties and rename the database. This will change the name of the database internally in DEVONthink, but will NOT change the name of the database’s package file in the Finder.

3b) In the Finder, select the dabase package file, which will have the filename extension, “.dtBase2”, and open the file’s Info panel. Rename the file (but don’t change the extension). NOTES: This should be done when the database is not open. After changing the filename, in the DEVONthink application choose File > Open Recent, then choose the option, Clear Menu. This will clear the app’s memory of the paths of databases, as you have changed the path to the database whose name was changed.

Thanks Bill. Great help!