Smart Groups: give distinctive appearance

In many apps (Mail, Yojimbo) smart folders have special icons. In DTPO, smart groups they are indistinguishable in appearance from regular groups. (Christian has stated that Smart Groups have a script icon in icon view, but this hasn’t been the case for me.) The only way to know for sure that a group is “Smart” is to open it and see that all files inside are colored red (i.e. are replicants). Of course this is not foolproof, as an ordinary folder could also contain only replicants.

My request: Give the Smart Group a distinctive appearance in the all views. A simple way might be to color the name.

Hey, you’re right. I personally never use the icon view, but the little script sign appears in every view except that one.

I doubt that the file icon can be different until DT actually makes smart groups an integrated feature and not just a scripted action.

A simple solution in the meantime is to give your smart group a color label when you first make it. This is what I do.

Thanks! Coloring smart groups by giving them a label is great idea. It turns out it was easy to modify the “Create Smart Group” scripts to do just that. I modified label 1 (red) to have the word “Smart,Group” although I could have left it blank
In each script in the “Smart Group” folder, there is a statement like:

set theRecord to create record with {name:theWords, type:group, attached script:scriptPath}

I just set the command “label:1” into this as follows:

set theRecord to create record with {name:theWords, type:group, attached script:scriptPath}

I’ll post this elsewhere in the group as well Thanks to DT for their forethought in making DTP so scriptable.