Smart groups - no condition other than "matches"

Hi all,

Trying to figure out why my new smart group doesn’t include other conditions than just “matches” as I have seen screenshots of the DEVONthink interface that has “is not” for example.

screenshot attached.

You are only showing the All criterion. Different criteria present different options.


I have tried a number of criteria, no change.

First, there are 35+ possible predicates – some are “x matches y”, others are not. This is easy to prove to yourself, so no need to believe what anyone else says: click each of the 35+ predicates and see what happens.

Second, what’s wrong with “matches” – it’s the appropriate verb in many situations?

Finally – just what are you trying to accomplish. It’s easier to help when the community know what your objective is: “I am interested in setting up a smart group to do …”

Hi @korm,

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

If by predicates, you are referring to an option other than “matches”, then how do you enable an option other than “matches”? I don’t see any other option.

What I am trying to accomplish is something like this:

All of the following:

name contains “abc”
content does not contain “xyz”

essentially find all of the like named items and exclude the ones that contain content that I am not looking for.

Again, you cannot ”enable" this. It’s either part of the criterion or it’s not. You are choosing criteria that use matches.
This is the construction of the example you gave.

Maybe I am not understanding what the available features are. I am going off of this screenshot (which I found in a blog post) that shows that there are options for the search criteria.

When I open smart groups the ONLY option I have is “matches”

I DO NOT have the option to change it anything other than “matches” as it is defaulted and greyed out.

Or is that the only option for that group of search criteria. Are you unable to exclude text from the search?

As in show all that contains “abc” but exclude results that also contain “xyz”

Again… it is dependent on the criterion you are choosing as is clearly shown in the old screencap you posted. As you can see, changing the criterion to Label gives a different option.

Oh, I see what you did. You placed a NOT statement with the text.

That’s what I needed to know. Thanks.

BTW - that’s not a all clear that that functionality exists. May i suggest a tooltip on that modal that expresses the available text search options.

Smart group functions and search operators are covered in the built-in Help and manual ( … nuals.html). Cheers!