Smart Groups not behaving as expected with "Date Added" as criteria

I am confused by the results I am seeing in a Smart Group created within one of my databases in DT3. Here are the criteria:

originally, the criteria were limited to the Date Added metadata but eventually were expanded because the results I was getting were not including everything in the database that had a Date Added metadata value that matches the criterion.

To illustrate, here are the results in the Smart Group:

But as this group in the same database shows, there are items with Date Added metadata values that match the criteria but are simply not showing up in the Smart Group:

Any ideas what’s going wrong here?

Which version of DEVONthink 3 do you use? In addition, does a restart of the app fix this?

Unfortunately restarting the app does not address the issue. Here’s my version info:

Have you tried a File > Rebuild Database on it?

I haven’t and I was about to do so until I was prompted with this:

Since this database consists of indexed items only, I wouldn’t want to have the contents imported into a new database. Am I misunderstanding what this message is proposing?

Am I misunderstanding what this message is proposing?

Yes. Indexed files remain indexed.

As an initial matter, when I selected File > Rebuild Database, the progress bar showed the database contents exporting but then I was immediately presented with this warning (which I didn’t expect):

Is this an indication that something went wrong with the rebuild? I was under the impression from the warning I received (and posted earlier today) that rebuilding results in a new database being created from the exported materials. (If that’s not what’s happening then the warning should be revised to better describe what is happening.)

In any event, the process is complete and unfortunately, the results are the same: there are items within the database that show with Date Added metadata values of “Today” when viewing them within the groups (i.e. indexed folders) in which they are located, but that do not show up in the “Recently Added” Smart Group…

I notice that the file extension of my database is dtBase2 and I can’t remember if I created this particular database in DT3 or DTPO2. Is it possible that the database is an old version and recreating the database from scratch in DT3 will fix this? (One would think that ‘rebuilding’ would upgrade the database version to the latest one but since I am not sure whether that happens, I’m putting it out there…)

It seems safe to say that the problem I am having is one involving the search functionality and specifically the functionality around searching based on metadata attributes. The problem is not limited strictly to “Smart Groups” because running a search in the database for the same criteria used for the Smart Group returns the same (incomplete) results that I get with the Smart Group:

No a new database is not created. It does an export and reimports and reindexes the data (and yes, there are technical details under-the-hood).

I have only rarely seen the warning. It could be there is a .lock file that wasn’t removed. I don’t have enough information, so Development may have to comment.

Is it possible that the database is an old version and recreating the database from scratch in DT3 will fix this?

There is no change in the format. DEVONthink 3 uses .dtBase2 as wll.

This alert should definitely not appear (just checked this). Was the rebuild successful after pressing continue?

Yes, the rebuild was ultimately successful after pressing continue and somehow now the Recently Added smart group started working a few hours after the rebuild finished.

Thanks for your help and for @BLUEFROG, as well!

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Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: