Smart Groups not saving search parameters?

I noticed that when creating a Smart Group and then editing the search parameters after the Group is created, the new parameters do not get saved. It seems one can create a number of different search parameters initially but editing, deleting or adding new ones later are not saved for the Group.

Also, will DTP eventually allow one to choose a drop down for “contains” in addition to “matches” for many of the Smart Group search parameters? This may be helpful when exact matches are not wanted or necessary, but a specific word of phrase within the record is.

Thanks and keep up the great work! Looking forward to the next public beta.


Do you have an example for me? It’s working fine over here.

“Matches” doesn’t mean “is equal to”, it means “matches the search term” and as search terms can be powerful (different operators, parenthesis, proximity, wildcards etc.), there’s no need for anything else.

E.g. “Name matches Apple” returns all records whose name contains the word Apple.

Thanks for the explanation; I didn’t find it documented anywhere yet.

Is Option-Click the + button to create compound predicates in the Smart Group editor currently unimplemented?

It’s using the same query syntax as searching (which is a superset of DEVONagent/EasyFind).

That’s not possible right now.

I have an example that I’m having trouble with. I want to redefine the smart search “Today” to have it check every minute and use the criteria “created on” rather than “modified on.” However, it keeps reverting back to the original. What do I need to do to change this?

I don’t have DEVONthink in front of me, but I have noticed that setting the fields works best if you go left to right. Starting at the right and going left does what you report (to my recollection).