Smart Groups / Search - long lists of criteria to search for

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to this forum so I apologise if I I haven’t posted my question in the right place.

I am making a smart group with a list of names (content) to search through OCRed PDF files. However, I have a lot of names I wish to add to the list.

Is there a way to copy a pre-prepared list into the Smart group parameters? Can I use comma separation or quotation marks to add all the names into one field?

Or perhaps there is a more efficient way to do this all together?

Many thanks for your ideas,



P.S for context I am doing historical research and I have a list of high-ranking French nazis that I wish to search for all at once to build a profile. In this case, the list of names is all those of a similar rank.

The condition Content matches … plus the names separated by the OR operator and quotes for names having more than one word should work. E.g.

name1 OR name2 OR "this is name3"

How many names do you actually want to search for?