Smart groups with nested (i.e. compound) conditionals

I created a smart group that finds all the bookmarks I created or modified in the last two months. The group seems to work just fine, but I did notice an unusual behavior. This is what I see when I create the smart group:

smart group 1.png

But this is what I see when I go back later to edit or view the smart group:

smart group 2.png

Notice how DT has made the logic much more complex. Why is that? Does DT force all conditionals to be binary?

Does the group return false results?

No, the group appears to work correctly. Just odd that the condition is redisplayed in such a complicated fashion.

Well, it’s A AND ((B OR C) OR (D OR E)) which might be compared to the original A AND (B OR C OR D OR E). From a notational parsing perspective, DEVONthink’s implied version might have have slight edge?