Smart Groups Without A Folder

I’d like to have a smart group showing me the changes I made today and yesterday. But a group “Feeds” with RSS feeds and lots of changes every day on the top level of the database clutters up these smart groups.

I could create a group “NoFeeds”, replicate everything but the “Feeds” group into it and use it as a starting point for the smart group. This solution doesn’t sound very elegant, though, because I’d have to remember to update that group every time I change something on the top level.

Is there a better way?

One possibility is to use a separate database for the feeds, another one to exclude certain kinds used by feeds (Kind is not bookmark & Kind is not HTML).

How can I exclude both kinds at once? When entering two “kind is not …” conditions, DTP seems to save only one, whether I enter them separately or as compound predicate.

See documentation of the Smart Group Editor (Help menu or PDF user documentation). The Option key allows adding multiple predicates.

So it should work? I did what is shown below. But this selection isn’t saved. User error, bug or re-install?
Bildschirmfoto 2011-03-19 um 22.32.51.png

This version is saved, and works as expected.

Ah, this way it works. Thanks.

I think that in every block (or “compound predicate”, or “branch”) all fields to be searched must be unique.