Smart Keywords

Keywords are a powerful feature in Devonthink Pro. They allow you to find information in a bulk of files and folders which can be impressive.

However, I wonder why Devonthink systematically adds the folder names to the keyword list in the info box. Is there a way to do-activate this by default ? I would rather add my own keywords each time.

Are you asking about keywords (Tools>Show Properties…) or tags? If you are asking about tags, the group tags for an entire database can be turned off from the File>Database Properties…‘YourDatabaseName’>Exclude Groups From Tagging. If you want to selectively turn off group tags on a group-by-group basis, select the group(s) to turn off, show info (Command-Shift-I) and check the box for Exclude from…>Tagging.

Both are called keywords (“mots-clés”) in French.
But they were in fact tags.

Thanks for the procedure.