Smart quotes not working on full screen view

It might not be a DT problem, but a general configuration problem, since I’m having the same issue on MacJournal; but when smart quotes aren’t working when I write on full screen mode. Nevertheless, when I return to normal view, the smart quotes feature works perfectly fine. Has anyone else had the same issue? Do you know how to fix it?

Confirmed. The editor seems to get confused after the first quotation mark is entered.

If it’s an RTF, opening it externally in Bean is a work around. Bean seems to handle smart quotes correctly in its full-screen mode. Another is to leave smart quotes off, do your editing, exit full screen, select all, and apply the Smart Quotes service (don’t use the smart quotes substitution in 10.6). That service will smarten text that was entered without smart quotes.

Thank you for your quick reply and the Services tip. I have never used it but I’ll try. I tested Bean last week, but it seems to have an odd behaviour when exiting full screen. Nisus Writer Pro, however, works perfectly on full screen, as well as smart quotes. I’d still rather have nice quotation marks on DT, since it’s less complicated than using an external editor. I’ll wait for a future update, perhaps it can be fixed some day, in the mean time, at least now I know nothing can be done.