Smart Rule Action: Delete

Continuing the discussion from Is there a script for having DT auto-import files added to the Finder folder?:

I am attempting to implement a Smart Rule very much as described in the above post, but with the final action of Delete. According to the help files, Delete should remove a file not only from the database, but the finder as well. I am finding that the file does get removed from the Group containing the indexed folder contents, but not in the finder. Is this a bug, do I need to give DT3 some other Security & Privacy permissions beyond “Full Disk Access”, or is there something else I’m missing? I will add more information below if what I have described to this point is not enough.

UPDATE: I was able to achieve the desired result using the following Actions in my Smart Rule: Move into Database followed by Move (to the appropriate Group). I am happy that this works, but my question above still remains, especially if DT3 is not functioning as intended.

I want to to scan documents with the Scanner Pro app on my phone and automate the sorting of certain common scans into their appropriate groups in DT3. The best example is receipts. Ideally, I would scan them on in Scanner Pro, choose one of their workflows to rename the file and send it to dropbox. Then, when I get back to my laptop, my local dropbox folder syncs to the cloud. As this folder is indexed in my global inbox, new files are imported as they arrive in the indexed folder. Finally, a smart rule watches for Filenames that begin with “Receipt” On Import, Duplicates the file to its final location, Deletes the file (hopefully from the global inbox and the indexed folder in the finder), and plays a sound. Deleting the file from the dropbox folder is important to me, as I don’t want to leave it in the cloud using up my free space. I retain the original on my phone in case something went wrong and delete it after confirmation that the file is archived.

Everything works as expected, except for the deletion of the file in the finder. Here are some other things I tried that did not work for me either:

  • Originally, Instead of Duplicate and Delete Actions, I tried Move. Same result.
  • Instead of Duplicate and Delete Actions, I also tried Duplicate and Move to Trash. Same result.
  • I tested indexing another folder that wasn’t synced to any other service in case dropbox was preventing the Delete Action. Same result.

I am using DT3 v3.7.2 on MacOS Big Sur 11.1

Do you have the Finder folder indexed in more than one location?

@cgrunenberg: The Delete action seems to have changed behavior. With both imported and indexed files, I see them going into the system Trash. Is this correct?

The system trash is always used when deleting files, e.g. also when emptying DEVONthink’s trash.

Do you have the Finder folder indexed in more than one location?

The dropbox folder: Maybe. I wasn’t sure how indexing worked, and upon trying it out, I think I indexed one file from the folder to another database. I deleted the file and never noticed a way to “unindex” what I indexed beyond deleting it.

The vanilla finder folder was created and indexed all to test this out, so definitely not indexed in more than one DB.

Coincidentally, I just returned from a day trip to Index, WA. How’s that for a little kismet?

Oh Jeeze, I notice I’m way behind on OS version. I will get to work updating. Strange I didn’t get a notification for awhile. If I test this out on an updated machine, I’ll share my result here, but it might be awhile.

I am using Scanner Pro too. Used to have it auto uploaded to Evernote. Wanted to do the same for DT. However, it is not listed as a Cloud Services to perform the Auto Upload. I was thinking to do like what you are doing. auto upload to Dropbox.

Looking forward to your success.

Nice! :smiley: