Smart rule automation issue

I’m trying to make smart rule automation for every pdf that is entering certain folder.
But, for some reason I can’t make it work automatically.
The idea is to make a searchable pdf one file in the specific folder (before I’ve opened new topic I didn’t find any solution on the from itself.

If someone can spot my mistake I will appreciate the help.

Welcome @Netox

  1. If you’re looking for PDFs, set the criterion to Kind is PDF/PS , not Any Document.
  2. The On Import event trigger work when adding PDFs from an external source, like dragging and dropping from the Finder. Is that what you’re doing?

Thank you for replying, I moved from another directory. There is no way if the file already exist in the database?

You’re welcome.

That would be an On Moving event trigger.
Note you can add more than one event trigger that would cover both situations.

Thank you for the solution, works like magic.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: