Smart rule based on keyword in name: how to apply only once

I created the smart rule below to replicate items with “troubleshooting” in the name to 3 groups.
My problem is that every time I want to run the rule, I am asked if I want to apply it once again to all items with “troubleshooting” in the name.
Is there a way to indicate in the smart rule items with “troubleshooting” in the name which are already replicated to those 3 groups should be ignored.
thanks in advance for your time and help

Maybe you can add a custom field “replicated” and tick that field after replicating (in an action).

Then change your selection and add “not replicated”.


thank you. Very smart idea. You mean custom tag ?

You could use a flag, a label, a dedicated tag or custom metadata. Whatever you prefer and doesn’t disturb your current workflow.

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thank you Christian

Sorry for the delayed answer: I meant a custom metadata field.

But as Christian suggested, you have several options.