Smart rule case sensitive regex

hi there,

i am having a problem with case sensitive regex in my smart rules. this is the rule:
Scan text - regex - IE([0-9A-Z]*).
I output \1 with display alert

i would have expected to match on IE00BK5BQT80 but it matches on Wien instead. it should neither match on ie nor on the n since it isn’t in the regex.

Content is literally just Wien is a test

what am i doing wrong here? How could i enforce case sensitivity? Thanks a bunch.

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You can use (?i) at the beginning for case-insensitive matches but I think there’s a bug here.

@BLUEFROG it seems to be case insensitive already.
unfortunately (-?)IE([0-9A-Z]*) does not match THIS IENSDF

That’s correct and intentional (and consistent to searching in databases).

had a typo above (?-i) works it seems.

not sure i agree with you as with a regex you can very explicitely search for things. [A-Z] vs [a-z]

We might add an option to future releases.

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May I suggest to simply stick to what is common practice with REs? I.e. respect case-sensitivity unless the i flag is specified. Everything else is… unexpected. Although database search is case-insensitive, it does not permit REs anyway, so one does not really need alignment in this respect. My opinion, of course.

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