Smart Rule: Combine "any" criteria statement with an "all" criteria statement?

I am trying to create a rule that will match “any” of one list of criteria, and “all” of another list. I want documents that match any of these:

But that also do not yet have tags for any of the three properties for which the repairs were made.
Failing that, is it possible to chain smart rules together, so that one rule can be the “any” statement, and the chained rule will be the “all” statement?

You can option click the + sign to create a compound condition.


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Excellent! Thanks.
Now that you told me, I went and looked this up in the manual, wondering why I had not seen it. I have to say, this is kind of a big deal to be relegated to two sentences on one page:

Hold the ⌥ Option key and click a … button to create a “compound predicate” also called “branch”. Each branch also has its own All or Any option as well. This allows you to create very targeted searches.

The same things previously written also apply to the subcriteria.


Indeed it is!