Smart Rule doesn't work

I created a smart rule in order to have all documents in the Global Inbox whose title starts with “Rainer_Lessico” to be moved to a folder called “Italiano”. It doesn’t work. Here are two screenshots. Could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Pasted Graphic

Try using search in inbox rather than search in databases (you say you are trying to apply the rule to the global inbox, but have set the rule to apply to the databases)

While a file may have a Title, the Name here starts with Rainer…. Name and Title are not the same thing (though they could be if a title was present).

Changing the condition to Name begins with… should indeed work. The Name can be found in the Info > Generic inspector, the Title in the Document > Properties inspector.

Changing the condition to Name begins did work, but now that you mentioned it, what is the purpose of having both a name and a title field? That seems to me confusing and, at least in my case, not really helpful.

Each item in the database has a name but only the properties of certain document types (e.g. RTF or PDF) also include a title.