Smart rule for missing items

I have an indexed folder synced to my Devonthink inbox that contains photo’s that I normally manage using external software. The folder is there so I can add pictures that I have in Devonthink and do not want to manage through Devonthink (although Devonthink can be used to manage photos and videos).

However, the exernal software in gereral picks up the photos and moves them to another folder, leading to missing items in Devonthink.

The folder is on a network share.

I can off cours run “update indexed items” but that does not seem to work properly.

I would like to be able to run a smart rule on that folder, filter on missing items and move the items to the trash. However, I cannot find a rule that targets missing items.

Is this at all possible or is this worth a suggestion for an update?

Detecting missing items is a very slow operation, see File > Verify & Repair Database. And this commands logs all items to the Log panel which can be trashed/revealed via the contextual menu.

Looking for the same idea. You figured out any workaround?

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No, its as cgrunenberg mentions. You have to do a verify and then check the log.

You could save the log if that helps.