Smart Rule on Import / Creation

Using DT3b3; I’ve set up a smart rule using following parameters:

Search in: Inbox
All of the following:

  • Content matches: xyz
  • Content matches: abc

Perform the following actions: On Import
Change Label to Purple

And it doesn’t work; if I send a file with the appropriate content to DT3 using “Save PDF to DT3” then the file appears in the Smart Rule (ie if I select the rule in the sidebar), but the label is not changed. The same if I set the action to “on creation”. Only when I set the rule to “On Demand” and then trigger the rule manually does the rule perform the actions.

What am I doing wrong?

This is working ask expected in an internal beta when printing a PDF to DEVONthink…

Hello Blanc

I know that won’t help you now, but with me the rule described by you works without problems.

DT 3 b3.

Enclosed the Printscreen, (in German)

Greetings Thomas


But as you now… With all this wonderfull smart rules, we urgently need Folders, to organize them. :smile:


That’s planned for the future, though I can’t say when at this time.

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Thank you both of you; knowing that smart rules work for you motivated me to examine the problem further. The problem was as follows:

One of my conditions (Content matches) was a phrase (ie. word word2 word3). Whilst that condition matches when manually triggering the rule (“on demand”), it doesn’t work “on import”. Placing the condition in " - making “word word2 word3” - works, however.

So, thanks again, and perhaps this post might help others :slight_smile:

@BLUEFROG: sounds like a bug to me :cricket::eagle: