Smart rule or script to convert duplicates to replicants

hello, I have a database with many duplicates located in different groups. I want to convert the duplicates to replicants, and leave both in their respective groups.

I looked for a Dupes to Replicants script but can’t find one, including in more scripts

I tried to create a smart rule but am confused as to how to do so in particular the last step.

thank you very much

Use menu Data > Convert > Duplicates To Replicants.


thank you @pete31
I had seen the menu item but could not use it because it is greyed out
For it to be active, one has to highlight a series of documents, not groups or subgroupd and that it the problem
My problem is that the group contains hundreds of subgroups which I would like to process all at once. Otherwise, I will still be sitting at my computer when the whole of Antarctica has melted.

Create a Smart Group kind:any with scope set to the top level group. In the Smart Group select all records, then use the menu item.


great, thank you !

Alternatively you can just use the duplicates smart group in your DB.

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Yep. Forgot this because I delete all default smart groups in every new database.

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