Smart Rule Perform action on Rating

I am looking to trigger one of my Smart Rules base on Rating. As soon as a document is rated, an AppleScript will be executed.

I can see on on Flagging, on Labelling, on Tagging, on Reminder, etc. Just cannot find on Rating.

Is there any event that allow me to trigger the Smart Rule once a Rating is performed?

Although I never used it and can’t say it does what you want, I see the “Rating” on the list:

I don’t think that is the list of smart rule triggers.

I created a test “Smart Rule” and seems to be there for me. I of course may be doing something wrong. I’m good at that. I also might have a setting somewhere that I don’t know about or care to hunt for.

There’s no such event yet, as far as I remember it’s the first request of its kind.

No need to let me know what I’m doing wrong. I’ll accept that I am.

You’re selecting records for a certain rating.

They were asking for a trigger on changing the rating.

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Oh. Got it.

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I am trying to build Space Repetition System (SRS), base on some ideas from this post:

If such trigger is not available, I will just use some timing trigger first. Will you please add this in future release? Thanks.

Not to curb your enthusiasm, but there are apps out there for exactly the purpose you have in mind. And they exist already for quite some time. Not only using “space” for repetition, but also “response quality”. Personally, I’d vote against this kind of feature creep in DT and for using dedicated apps.


We’ll consider this for future releases.