Smart rule: placeholder as condition?

Is it possible to use placeholders as conditions?
For example:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-15 um 11.41.44

This Smart Rule does not seem to work.

This isn’t possible at the moment but we’ll consider this for future releases.

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Would be much appreciated!

In my case this leads to a permanently active smart rule, is there any hint on how to change this?
I would like to keep an automated trigger.

A screenshot of the complete rule (including its actions & triggers) would be useful.

Here it is:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-15 um 11.59.50

Another smart rule uses the creation date as source for tags automatically. I check the correct date printed on the document manually and in case it needs to be changed I change the creation date. This should lead to automated renaming via the postet smart rule above.

An additional action could set e.g. a flag, tag, label or custom metadata to mark already processed stuff. And a condition would then use this information to exclude the already processed items.

The system doesn’t know whether the creation date is correct or not and uses it anyway to tag and rename. I just change it in some cases manually and the rule still does the same. Where in the process can a flag, label, etc. be added to show the system this is an already processed item?

Just add the desired action, e.g. Change Label, to the actions at the bottom of the smart rule editor.

This was rather a workflow than a technical question.

Of course I don’t know your workflow and its requirements exactly but personally I would just add e.g. the conditions…

  • Tag… is not… Processed
  • Kind… Is… Any Document

…and an action Add Tags… Processed.

This would ensure that each item is only processed once. Or is there a need to process them again under some circumstances?