Smart rule, resize image


Is there a way to resize images with a smart rule?
What I want is, when an incoming image with a tag (resize) in inbox is detected I want it to be resized.

You might want to run an AppleScript in the smart rule. A Google search gives me this article on how to resize images using AppleScript.

Thank you.

See also folder ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Menu/Images.

yes, I’m aware of that one, thats just for scaling, I want to reduce the size of the image. want something like ThumbsUp but in a smart rule form. with PNG and JPEG formats

Maybe you would rig up a Smart Rule with a call to a shell script which calls the program ImageMagick. From Google I noticed a thread on another forum for doing that. Dunno if it works, but just a pointer to you.

You haven’t provided sufficient information here.

  • Scaling by what: pixel dimensions, percentage, maximum width or height?
  • And by what amount?

Note: scaling is both up and down.


images: png, jpeg
With tag: resized
Reduce size: 300x300 pixel
Date added: Today
delete tag: resized

-perform the following action: on creation/on import(or which ever works best)

Whole point here is to resize(data) the image e.g. 200KB to 35KB

That’s even smaller than DEVONthink’s internal maximal thumbnail size. Is disk space the only reason?

not sure what you mean DevonThink’s internal maximal thumbnail size.

yes I would say space, these specific images I dont need them to be high resolution that takes space(data) so why have them high res when I dont need to.

this is what I mean:
Screen Shot 2024-01-06 at 1.59.32 AM

want that size to be smaller e.g. from 280KB to 35KB etc

DEVONthink’s thumbnails of e.g. images in icon view have a maximum size of 512x512 pixels.