Smart rule to replace text in name

I’dm importing forwarded E-Mails into DEVONthink automatically with a mail rule.
Now I’d like to get rid of the “fwd:” / “Fwd:” / “Re:” and so on in the names.
I found the apple script to replace parts of a title, but I can’t select it in the smart rule action.
I also would like to just have one rule which will strip all of these prefixes in the name.

Is this somehow possible with the placeholders??

Btw. Is there a way to organize SmartRules and / or hide some of them in the sidebar?

Not yet but the next release will improve smart rules.

This is planned for future releases.

Great news thanks!

Was this done? Is it possible to change the name based on left/right/mid of the filename string?

You can use a regex for that.

Here’s a Smart Rule by @mhucka that shows how regex can be used:

See the Scan Name and Change Name actions at the bottom?

In these two posts he explains it