Smart rules - how to keep computers in sync

I’ve just started to play with smart rules (I haven’t had any use for them until now) and from what I understand they don’t sync. I currently have my databases synced across 3 computers and it’s a bit cumbersome to keep rules synced (I seem to add/change this on different computers so copying the “rules file” would overwrite some changes).

I suspect someone have already solved how to do this, suggestions for possible ways of handling this?

(the databases are synced via WebDav to a Synology server, the computers have different AppleIDs, Dropbox can’t be used, file syncing can be done via Synology server)

I found this Smart Rules Syncing? by searching forum for “smart rule syncing”.

Might work for you. I’ve not tried, but perhaps will today! Thanks for reminding me as was something I was going to do.

I have not found a reliable way of doing this. My setup uses Hazel to copy altered smart rule scripts and smart rule plist files to a folder in iCloud, with Hazel on my second device copying those files to the appropriate locations if DT is closed. I did have that set up two-way (i.e. changes on the second device were written to the iCloud folder and copied back to the first Mac) but ended up losing some new rules; I didn’t figure for sure why that had happened (probably I had made changes on both devices which hadn’t finally synced, because DT was never closed on either device). I’ve gone back to only changing smart rules on my main Mac, and copying them one-way automatically to my second Mac.

I’ve setup a ChronoSync sync with iMac as source on left, and MacBook as target on right, “left to right backup”, direct across the local network, running on the MacBook. iCloud or any other sync service is not involved. Sync limited to files SmartGroups.plist and SmartRules.plist. I’ve set it so that it over-writes MacBook as I consider the iMac the “best”. So iMac over-writes Macbook’s version. I am not attempting to sync individual rules.

Tested numerous times, making changes on iMac which replicate as expected. I’m happy to let the scheduled sync (when left source mounted and at most once a day which is probably too often) run a bit and see what happens. I have TimeMachine backups in-case goes hay-wire (technical term).

There are other sync tools, e.g. rsync. I have and use Hazel, but chose ChronoSync as it better recognises mounting of remote devices across the network.

Can, of course, be copied without using a sync tool with Finder or even setting up a “cp [source] [target]” batch file command. It’s a computer–most anything possible :wink:


rsync, anyone? I think it has been invented for that situation.

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i just export the smart rules to a folder in icloud, but one can use dropbox, usb stick, etc etc… Then when i add or edit rules I drag them into the devonthink occurrence on my other computer. Simple and works.

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