"Smart Rules" scripts in Finder not same as in Menu

Using DT3.0 Release.

I’m trying to use a smart rule to export a document to the finder. Inserting the “Move to external folder” external script as below doesn’t seem to do anything; I’d expect to get prompted for a destination at a minimum.

Further checking shows that the script listing in ~/Library/Application Scripts/… is not the same as the menu; although most are identifiable as corresponding, some are missing from one or the other.
Consolidate and Deconsolidate are missing from the menu, Move into Database and Move to External Folder are missing from the finder folder.
Edit: if it is pertinent, I started with DT3b6, moved to b7 and then 3.0 Release.

Is the “Move to External Folder” script available somewhere? Or does anyone have an example of how to script this?

In the user interface localized names are displayed, not the actual filenames. E.g. the Consolidate/Deconsolidate scripts are the “Move Into Database”/“Move To External Folder” items.

Those are the Consolidate and Deconsolidate scripts in that directory. Notice the menu after removing the Deconsolidate script is missing the Move to External Folder script…

PS: The scripts do not prompt for a location. They merely move the file to the externally indexed location.

OK, read the documentation s l o w l y and now I’m even more confused. :crazy_face:

Move to External Folder: Moves imported files out to the Finder when they’re located in an indexed group.

Doesn’t that conflict with this?

In any event, I tried the script but it did not seem to have any effect. So moving on:

What I’m trying to do is move/export a file (non indexed) from Devonthink to an external finder folder. File is not intended to be present any longer in a Devonthink Database. To expand even more, I’m trying to do the following:

  1. Scan a document into Devonthink.
  2. Use DevonThink’s OCR engine to perform OCR (I’m scanning via ExactScan and its OCR is not as capable as the Abbyy engine in DT3).
  3. Return the file to Finder
  4. Rename the file using Hazel, based on file content.
  5. Re-export to DevonThink using Hazel.

I can do all the above except for step 3. The following as an embedded script compiles but doesn’t seem to do anything. Ideas? Thanks for your patience.

You’re missing a critical element of the command…

See it?

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Yes. Only after staring at it for a few minutes! Should be

export record theRecord to thePath.

Thank you! The support you folks provide is nothing short of awesome.

You got it! And thanks! :slight_smile:

No, this is fully supported.