Smart search for 'encrypted' non-PDFs

I’ve been enjoying the new metadata search option to find encrypted pdf files. When I’m creating a smart search I select ‘encrypted’ to match ‘on’ and then it finds all the pdf files that have some sort of password encryption attached to them.

For whatever reason, though, this only seems to pick up PDF files. I have a whole stack of word and excel files that are similarly password ‘encrypted’. I was wondering if there are plans to have the ‘encrypted’ == ‘on’ functionality apply to these file types as well?

Or is there a better search pattern that might apply? Perhaps looking for word files with a wordcount of zero? Or something like that? (That might have some false matches, however).

Any ideas?

There is currently no way to match encrypted Word or Excel files.

Development would have to assess the feasibility of this.

@cgrunenberg: Here is a test file. Note the last line has encryption tags that may be parseable.

Take (29.4 KB)

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