SmartFolder organization set up...


I’m trying to set up Smart Folders to organize some of the reading material that I’ve clipped with DTP. Two questions…

(1) Is it possible to set up a Smart Folders so that it can only look in the Inbox as opposed to the whole database?

(2) I’ve set up my Labels to prioritize my reading material (Urgent, High, Medium – red, orange, yellow, respectively), and if it needs another function (Sort and Follow up! - green and teal, respectively) or exists in another app (e.g., MarginNote for annotation - magenta).

I thought I could sort by Label, and it would should Urgent, High, Medium in ascending / descending order, since that’s the default order of those labels in Preferences. But that’s not the case; the Label order seems to be somewhat arbitrary.

Is there some way to change this so that Urgent, High, Medium (red, orange, yellow, respectively) can appear in ascending / descending order?


BTW, I’m happy to consider another approach to this organization that I’m attempting…

Yes, click the dropdown menu next to “Search In” and choose the parent group, including “Inbox” (or whatever you call your Inbox in a given database).

Smart groups use whatever search order you’ve configured in that database – though if you have Label defined as a column in, say, three pane view, then you can click the column header and sort alphabetically or reverse alphabetically.

Thanks. Ok, so I’m setting up several smart folders inside a group (“Reading by Topic”), within
the Inbox. So, when I click on “Search in” it just shows me “Database” and some of the groups I’ve got within my Inbox. Does this therefore mean that the smart folders are just searching within the Inbox? Or is it also searching within all open databases?

Thanks again. So…I’ve tried that, and have even put a 1, 2, 3 prefix in front on labels Urgent, High, Medium (red, orange, yellow, respectively) as well as the other labels, but…it’s not affecting the ascending/descending order. Any other suggestions?

Thank you for your help.

Please disregard my questions – I figured it out.

The labels just needed a minute to reset. Now they work fine. Thanks!

And I figured out that the Smart Folders I created within the Inbox were only Search[ing] in the Inbox – not across all of the other open databases.

Thanks again for your help.