SmartGroup "Kind" "Skim"

SmartGroups are great, but they have a limited range of file types. A number of fora discuss Skim Notes. These notes, and only notes, would be searchable, if a SmartGroup could be created specifying the “kind” “is” “Skim”.

A workaround is to use “name” is “.skim”, but one can’t otherwise use that in the filename.

Please consider adding this simple feature that will make Skim Notes very searchable without getting all the original PDFs. It allows a user to search only the important stuff.

Another possibility would be for Skim to add a specified folder into which to backup its notes, but 1.3.9 does not have this feature. That folder could be indexed by DevonThink.


The ‘.’ is ignored in searches so “Name matches skim” is sufficient and there’s no way to only match '.skim" or any other specific filename extensions (presuming they exist on the documents).

In one of my databases “Kind is PDF/PS” matches 22 PDF documents, but “Name matches pdf” doesn’t match anything because no documents contain a “pdf” string even as a .pdf extension.

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In the first I still thought ‘.’ was matched in “Name is .numbers” but it’s superfluous.