SmartGroups and Saving searches in DTTG

(1) I understand that there is not currently the ability to create or sync SmartGroups between DTPro and DTTG. I certainly hope this feature gets incorporated soon. In a previous post (which I can’t find off-hand), there is mention with design issues related to incorporating this feature. SmartGroups are billed as a key feature of DTPro (it’s displayed front-and-left right under the database listing) and are a key part of my DTPro workflow. It only seems logical that they belong in DTTG (and would only be included if a user chooses to include them in DTTG.

(2) Given that one can currently search in DTTG (including using boolean operators and tags) it seems logical that one should be able save these searches as well. This feature would be very similar to syncing SmartGroups though the query details a different between SmartGroups (e.g. more discrete fields) and the search field (ability to nest AND/OR syntax).

Remember that iOS ≠ macOS, so the underlying technology is different. The means to create Smart Groups is NOT the same on both platforms. We have Smart Groups on our list of future enhancements but cannot say when they will (or won’t) make a debut in DTTG2. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

It’s not my intention to bump up older topics, but I couldn’t find another topic on ‘save search’ with DTTG. Is this still under investigation and/or roadmap? So I’m not looking for SmartGroups, but a way to store a search string. Preferably as a ‘named search’.

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While I like that the SmartGroups created in DT can be synced to DTTG, I am happy to have just the ability to save my search in DTTG, for the time being.

Is this available or in the pipeline after so many years?

Currently no, you can’t save your searches. However, the most recent searches are available.

Thanks. That is good for now. Sort of having my last searches ‘saved’ in Recent Searches.