Smartpen/Livescribe Integration

It would be great, if the documents (perhaps even with the synchronized audio-files) of the Smartpen could be stored and be searchable within DTP.

Yes, and please handwriting recognition!

Two very interesting posts!

Dirk, it’s unlikely that DEVONthink will fully integrate Smartpen support in the near future. That would be likely only if there were many Smartpen users of DEVONthink. It’s simply an issue of prioritizing allocation of develoment resources.

But you can already Import or Index your Smartpen files into DEVONthink, and add searchable comments to them. Select such a file, choose ‘Open With’ and it will open under the Smartpen software.

flemming, it’s unlikely that DEVONthink will incorporate handwriting recognition software, for the same reasons. I saw that there’s already third-party software to convert Smartpen notes to digital text.

But, as it happens, I wrote this response on my ModBook using digital pen input to the handwriting recognition component that’s built into OS X. I wrote into Ink Window, then sent the converted text to the insertion point in my browser. I often use digital pen input when I’m away from my desk. I never liked trying to use a keyboard with a laptop balanced on my knee!

Most of the time, I’m writing in DEVONthink’s rich text editor via a wireless keyboard. But when I need to insert a chemical or math equation, or insert a diagram, I lift the ModBook from the stand and use the digital pen.

Hmm, the freeware app, Evernote, can recognize handwritten text (after syncing to their website) when performing a search. (Doesn’t change to typed text, but can search and find handwritten things). Could DevonThink think about adding that? That would be great since the LiveScrive Desktop leaves a LOT to be desired! Really. A LOT! :wink:


I do support the wish of Smartpen / Livescribe Integration, too.

Are there new thoughts?

Would love this as well, specifically for Livescribe.

I have just bought a Livescribe pen on the basis of Evernote beefing up its Livescribe integration (eg send to Evernote with a pen gesture directly within a document) as I need a better way of generating, storing and searching within the mountain of meeting notes I generate professionally each year.

Quite frankly I’d prefer to store them in DT, but would need it to be easy from a workflow point of view and to be able to OCR my messy handwriting (OneNote used to do this surprisingly well, before I switched to Mac).

Any plans to get onto this for any version of DT? I’m sure there’s more and more people using these pens.

The new Livescribe Connect allows automatic export of pdf to a certain folder. It should then be easy to integrate automatic import into DT. There would still be no handwriting recognition, though.