Smartrules : global vs local

I have a personal db and created about 10 smart rules for this particular db. Now I want to create a professional db with new smart rules. The smart rules of the first db are not relevant to the second db. Is there a way to build smart rules so that other db don’t “see” them? Smart rules seems to be outside of the db itself. Say I have a smart rule named “Set date” from my first db and I want a similar but different smart rule for my second db : i will have to name the first “Set date for DB1” or “DB1 : Set date” and the second rule to “Set Date for DB2” or “DB2 : Set date”… I my opinion, users must be able to set if a database is “global” or “local”; actually, all smart rules are global. Any way to work around this limitation?

The order of the smart rules is important (and can be changed), that’s why smart rules are global but can’t be added to databases. However, smart rules can of course limit the search scope via the “Search in” option.