Snap Scan scanner generates OCR error message with upgrade

Have just upgraded to MAC Monteroy and migrated from old MacBook with OS X El Capitan.
When scan now
(1) OCR error message if try and scan into Devonthink
(2) If add from folder-tile shows PDF emoji-not image. Able to open image from tile if click on tile.

Yes: please provide additional information on how you are scanning into DT, and which version of DT you are using.

Can you quote the message, pls?

Welcome @Flydoc

I’m thinking you’re running DEVONthink 2.x. If that’s correct, the 2.x line of DEVONthink has been out of development for a few years now. Also, the OCR engine in DEVONthink Pro Office is incompatible to macOS 10.15 Catalina and later.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade to DEVONthink 3 sooner rather than later. Select ​DEVONthink Pro Office > Purchase ​to open our online store with upgrade options specific to your license.​ The Pro edition would be the natural successor to Pro Office. And yes, you should make sure you’re running DEVONthink 2.11.3 before upgrading.

Thanks for the response.
Am running what I guess is now pre-historic 2.8.8. Testament to a robust platform that has served me well and continues to function on old mac platform.
I am happy to upgrade to current software. Will my existing files be imported without issue to new software?

Make sure to update DT2 before upgrading to DT3.

There’s no “import” - simply open the databases in DT3 (any necessary housekeeping will be performed automatically.