Snapscan S1300 and High Sierra

Hello Everyone,

Well updating to Sierra proved traumatic with pdf issues (and I’m still not convince annotation is working). Why did I just push the button on High Sierra?

Now my Snapscan S1300 won’t send scans to DTPO, though it does put the pdf in /pictures. A quick scan of the Fujitsu website indicates that my scanner is no longer supported under High Sierra ( … ierra.html).

I guess I’ve had it for a good while. But what to upgrade to. None of the Snapscans are currently supported according to Fujitsu. Should I just wait for them to catch up?

Any advice? Thanks.

That’s one we can’t answer.

As far as hardware goes, you’d have to ask Fujitsu about their plans going forward. They had quite a mess with Sierra. Not quite sure what they’re up to now.

PLEASE… if anyone has installed High Sierra and has a ScanSnap, report back here to tell us whether there are any problems. Also tell us which ScanSnap model you have! Thanks.

I have an iX500, and the latest OSX listed for downloading a driver is MacOS 10.12 (Sierra). Of course that driver may work in 10.13. (I have not upgraded to High Sierra.)

And as for the software for the ScanSnap, like ScanSnap manager, see … ierra.html

Yeah. Why do I insist on asking rhetorical questions?

Thanks anyway. I’ll report back on any progress.

The fact that Fujitsu are offering cash back on the Snapscans might mean they have a release coming up. First thing to check is how soon they update their software FAQ. They have been pretty fast previously.

I’m hoping the problem is due to the new file system on my laptop’s SSD; will try the scanner on my desktop (also upgraded [doh!] but it has a Fusion drive so still on the old file system. A forlorn hope I suspect.

Will update.


I have a Snapscan S1300 too and I have upgraded to High Sierra yesterday. I have an iMac mid-2011 with HDD so I’m still using the old file system and my S1300 is working normally and sent the file to DTPO without any issue. So as you said maybe your issue is related to the new file system of 10.13.

I have no problems with ScanSnap using S1300, working as usual.

Thanks for all the interest.

I can confirm that my pretty much brand new iMac with fusion drive, also foolishly updated to High Sierra, DOES successfully scan to DTPO. Maybe it is the new file system.

My desktop doesn’t ask where to put the scan. My laptop does. This divergence of behaviour has puzzled me for a while. On the non-functional SSD APFS MacBook, a modal window pops up inviting a destination. No buttons on this window work (except, pointlessly, the “New Group” button). It cannot be dismissed and I have to restart DTPO.

So what do we know? There is some evidence that APFS is the issue. There is plenty of evidence I’m an idiot (heck, I can’t even name my SCANSNAP properly). Still I have a working system. Also, I’m reassured that the support here is really good, so I’m going to continue with DTPO and await events in terms of scanner upgrades.

It’s definitely causing some issues (and assuredly, not just for us).

I’ve had scansnap scanners for many, many years, and I can’t seem to remember the name. When I saw your original post, I accepted the name as you wrote it. It’s only later, when I went to their website to check on updates that I (yet once again) was faced with the proper name :frowning:

The upcoming version 2.9.16 will fix this (and indexing of emails) if DEVONthink Pro Office is installed on AFPS volumes.

Hi Christian,

Many thanks. Will look forward to that and feedback.