Snapshot of portion of PDF

There seems to be a nearly full set of PDF manipulation and annotation features in DT - with the exception of one… Snapshot (as it is called in Acrobat). Snapshot selects a portion of a PDF and copies only the selected elements as an image/pdf to the clipboard. In Preview, this feature is called “select”. While there is a select feature in DT, it seems to select text rather than the image. Is there a way to do this in DT?

To copy a selection as an image, you could use the standard shortcut Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4.

I’m trying to do that also. The selection tool turns into a hand when I try to select a portion of a PDF. Can’t select a portion of the image.




Select the area of interest (copies the snapshot to the clipboard)

then, in the group of your choice,

CMD-N (pastes the clipboard as a new document according to the type of data on the clipboard)

Thanks for your help. I was using the wrong 4.
[Keypad 4 didn’t work]