Snow Leopard support?

Will DEVONthink work with Snow Leopard when it’s released (as early as August 28, if the rumors turn out to be true)? Or do you expect there to be some delay?

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I tried a search to no avail.


No doubt DEVONtechnologies will make announcements about Snow Leopard support for their products as soon as they’re ready to. :slight_smile:

What’s interesting with Snow Leopard (as well as previous releases) is that on such sites as macUpdate and Version tracker there are incremental upgrades being released by 3rd party developers who tout that this upgrade makes their software “10.6 compatible.” It’s interesting because any developer who’s been provided with beta “seed” copies of 10.6 is under Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Apple, which binds them against revealing anything about the unreleased product.

DevonTech is one of many developers who take these NDAs seriously. I’m sure DevonTech has had seed copies of SL for months and the programmers have been testing DTPO 2 against each build that Apple provides.

I am fully confident that DTPO will indeed work with 10.6, even if it means a delay of a day or two for a new build of DTPO to be made available (if only because you never know what wrinkles Apple might put into the final FCS version).

@wes: You sound like me: an early adopter of the latest and greatest. I have my copy of 10.6 on pre-order at Amazon and anticipate it to be delivered (if the past is any indication) the day it is announced. Having said that, though, I will wait for announcements from several 3rd party developers about compatibility before I install it. I don’t expect to wait too long.

I’d like to see an official statement from DTech about Snow Leopard support, e.g.:

Shirt Pocket Watch - Snow Leopard and SuperDuper!

Thanks for that link, Scott. :slight_smile:

I think the following excerpt from it is a pretty good model for an “official statement” for all developers:

"Snow Leopard is under Non-Disclosure. I can’t really say anything about it until it’s released. So, please, don’t ask. You’ll get mad at me for being vague, and I’ll get tired of it too: it’s a lose-lose.

We will be supporting Snow Leopard as soon as we possibly can, and we’re already working on it (of course). If Apple releases the “production bits” to developers before they release them to the public, we should be able to do our final testing before release."

Glad to post it here, Bill. :slight_smile:


One caveat to that annoucement of SuperDuper: since Apple has always been shipping the final version of a major release of OS X to you before we get a look at it, we cannot make any claims until we have received or bought a copy ourselves and have used it with our applications.

Thanks to all for the replies.

Also, in case anyone hasn’t seen it: … ess/?p=902

Yup, glad to see Eric’s statement there so we can refer stragglers to it if any show up still asking about SL status. :slight_smile: