[SOLVED] Each Safari tab in this forum requires a separate login?

At first, I thought that this is my local problem, but then I noticed that other forums and websites do not show the same behavior - and the DT community did not either, some time ago.

But right now, each new tab for this community in Safari requires me to login again!
Yes, each time.

My problem?
A problem with the forum software?

No problem here, can’t reproduce this. Seems to be your problem.

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Then I may try to delete all website data, restart Safari and try again.
I did not do this, as this is the only website I saw it from.

Works fine over here. Do you use any Safari extensions, e.g. ad blockers?



But I also used them when I wrote last time (soem weeks ago or so) and never saw such an effect.

I now removed “website data” from Safari preferences / Privacy but I did not get logged out. It seems that this does not remove cockies … going to check further

At least one of the products you named above is regularly updated with new definitions, so the fact that something worked previously is not necessarily a sign that one of those pieces of software is not responsible.

Good argument!

Going to disable all of them and repeat

I did that, reloaded the website and right-clicked to open a new a new tab - to the same effect.

Then, it came to me:

Maybe this is accidentialy a private window?

I googled and then saw the “Private” in the upper left corner.

I am totally sorry!!!


you solved it, and it is not a problem for all or many - great :grinning:

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