[solved] Favorites bug in 3.6

The change log for DT 3.6 lists “Favorite encrypted databases were disabled while opened. Fixed.”

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 13.48.19

The above screen shot shows my databases listed in the favourites section. All databases are encrypted and open. The first database, however, has retained behaviour from 3.5.2 - i.e. is greyed out when open. Whether this is due to it being the first in the list, having a “special character” (an Ä and a .) in its name, or is due to that mild tropical storm I do not know. The behaviour persists after restarting DT.

Does removing and adding this favorite again fix it?

no :wink:

What’s the extension of the database before/after mounting?

that behaviour is correct, i.e. .dtSparse when closed and .sparseimage when open.

This shouldn’t matter but does changing the Ä to A make a difference?

Yes - as soon as I change the name of the database to start with “A” rather than “Ä” the problem resolves. Conversely, changing the name of the favourite (but not the database) does not help.

Renaming a different database to start with Ä immediately leads to the same problem.

I’ve just noticed something else: renaming the database in DT also renames the file in Finder - that behaviour is new, isn’t it?

That’s weird as DEVONthink uses unicode but I’ll check this. But this behaviour isn’t new, version 3 does this for quite a while now.

Cheers - the file name change was something I’d not noticed (I prefer it this way - less risk of confusion).

I’m going to add a feature request: I often use the favourites to open databases which I haven’t yet opened (all my databases are listed under favourites and it turns out I used to look there to see if a database was actually already loaded or not). Now looking at the favourites I can’t see whether a DB is already open or not - I have to take a look further down at “Open Databases”; obviously that is perfectly doable - it just turns out I’m not used to it. So I wonder whether a marker to show an open database in the favourites might be possible - open DBs could be italic for example, or marked with a dot, or use a different icon when closed (a disk symbol of some kind, maybe).

Databases can have custom icons and there are already various markers (e.g. for the current database and for unsynchronized changes) causing questions, therefore I guess the best option would be a different font. Now the question is whether this should be bold or italics or whether closed databases should e.g. use italics (as they’re kind of an alias to the filesystem).

I like that logic :slight_smile:

The next release will include this change.

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