[solved] Keyboard-Modifier to select multiple items?

How to select multiple items without drawing a rectangle around a group of items in DevonThink?

For example the regular hotkey for that is CMD¹. If you hold this button for example in the Finder-Application you can now click every item at once or select multiple different item by drawing an rectangle around them. These items are then selected and you can release the key and move, copy, dupplicate, tag, these selected items at once.

¹ If an application is an lazy port of an Windows/Linux application the modifer can also be CTRL.

In DevonThink instead CMD opens the file (how much I dislike this behavior). CTRL toggles the context menu and SHIFT is just the range-selection.

Here are the paradigms for selecting items on MacOS with the help of a mouse:

  1. Selecting contiguous items:
  • Click on first item.
  • Press Shift and click on the last item.
  1. Selecting non-contiguous items:
  • Click on the first item.
  • Command-Click on any other item you want.
  • Note to drag the group you have to ensure that your pointer is over a selected item.

You can combine both. Say you have 2 groups of contiguous items that are separated:

  • Select the first item of the first group.
  • Press Shift and select the last item of that group. Every item in between the 2 should be highlighted.
  • While holding Shift, hold down Command and click on the first item of the second group. Your first group should still be highlighted along with the one you just clicked.
  • Now release Command and while holding Shift select the last item of the second group.

HTH. (This works in Finder etc too).

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You was right. After I read you description I thought first confused, why you explaining me already something I should known. Then I got the idea, turned BetterTouchTools off and we had the culprit.

Thank you very much!