Solved - Mail Import Problem - mac mail

I am trying to import may email into DTp. I have 2 mailboxes that show they have been imported but when I look at the mail box in DT there is no email. I try to import them again and get the message that they have already been imported. I also try refresh but no help.

I suspect that I goofed up something on the first time but do not know what.

How do I correct this so that I can re-import them?

Thanks Roger

  • Are you importing in Apple Mail or DEVONthink?
  • if DEVONthink, are you using the Archive Mailbox or Import option?

DevonThink Import option

The Import command imports to the location selected in the Destination dropdown in the Import > Email interface.

There is more information on this in the In & Out > Archiving Email and Window > Sidebar: Email sections of the Help and manual.

My problem is that my email’s in 2 of my mailboxes have been imported once and for some reason do not show in the navigation view.

If I am in the import view and unblock the imported box I can see the emails but when I switch to the navigation view they are not there.

Navigation View

After looking through prior post there seems to be no easy way to delete imported mail.

So my next question is there a way I can remove all of the email from the database and start over?


What is the destination in the email interface?

How do I find the destination?

See popup in upper right corner.

I hope this is what you are asking for.

Macintosh HD>Users > rogerwells > Library > Application Support> DEVONthink > Inbox.dtBase2

Can I just delete this file? and then redo the email import?

No, it’s the destination popup in the upper right corner of the email interface (see View > Sidebar > Import)

This should be possible but a backup of the current database might be a good idea too.

Solved by deleting the Global Database. I deleted it using the move to trash then emptying the trash.