[SOLVED] Noticeable battery drain with only short period of usage

System Details

  • DEVONthink To Go 3, v3.0.4
  • iPhone 12 Mini, 128GB (new phone, if that matters)
  • 4 databases with the files downloaded (not on-demand), 2.7 GigaBytes in total

Databases Details

Hidden: long databases content details
# First
- Groups: 23
- Tags: 104
- HTML Pages: 2
- Web Archives: 16
- Rich Texts: 4
- Formatted Notes:
- Markdown: 45
- Images: 2
- PDF/PS: 158 (4 replicants)
- Emails: 4
Total: 401 (4 replicants) items (853,2 MB)
Words: 89.326 unique, 3.838.843 total

# Second
- Groups: 8
- Plain Texts: 2
- PDF/PS: 38
- Emails: 77
Total: 132 items (609 MB)
Words: 38.788 unique, 2.278.903 total

# Third
- Groups: 6
- Tags: 3
- Plain Texts: 4
- Images: 3
- PDF/PS: 22
Total: 43 items (21,5 MB)
Words: 2.013 unique, 10.402 total

# Fourth
- Groups: 21
- Tags: 11
- Web Archives: 529
- Images: 1
- Total: 563 items (1,3 GB)
Words: 32.568 unique, 2.116.405 total


What happened

After I read about something in MPU Discourse (read with Fig), I opened DTTG 3 to search for an article that I remember has similarity.

I am a person that is always aware of my phone’s battery, so before I cold open Fig, I check the battery is 86%. Read on Fig for that long minutes (it’s more than displayed 9 minutes, I opened Fig before 13:00) then checked battery is still 86%. Then I force close Fig (really, I am that aware of battery life) before cold open DTTG 3. In middle of opening DTTG after 1 or 2 minutes, I check the battery and it’s drop to 82%.

4% battery drain for 2 minutes of app open is a bit high for my standard. Maybe from the app side there’s something that can be improved? Or maybe I am the one that should be improved :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:?


Battery life improves great on latest v3.0.5

This is a known issue, the next release will reduce the battery usage.

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hi @cgrunenberg, thanks for the reply.
I must admit that I just realize there is new update for DTTG3 v3.0.5, thus making some data on my report invalid

-- - latest version as of Tue, 30 Mar 2021 08:05:36 GMT
++ - DTTG v3.0.4

I will test the new version and report back here.

anyway, I really appreciate the frequent update and improvements on DTTG 3.

I hope the new version of app is fun to develop, give you profit and makes all of us users’ life better :slight_smile:


confirmed, v3.0.5 improves the battery life.
usage of >15 minutes for a 2% drop :tada:

I even do more heavy tasks like capture to webarchive, bulk moving and reading webarchive / pdf with white background.

kudos to you!

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May I ask why you’re looking at your battery life so often?

of course! I don’t mind.
tldr; guess I push myself too far and I have to seek for counseling.

The longer version. may be boring

I used to use my phone whenever, for whatever I want. Play games in my bed while the phone is charging, etc. So this is a developed habit.

Guess I am too limiting myself, mixing between being responsible and being tough in a not so healthy way. I am still relatively young—not even passing the 27th club, but I feel I have many responsibility for the society and family.

The responsibility may sometimes feels like a burden. I am not a whiny person and one of my principe is to keep the bad thing to myself, only share the good one and being involved with others when I am projecting good aura.

I always check myself for something to do, and limit the fun (I still have fun, hang out, play music, get drunk) so I don’t get too much in the stream.

Checking my battery is the other effect of this habit. I check how much I’ve drained the battery to dictate whether I am being a slob or not. Or something like that.

All the thought mixes in.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your personal thoughts and insights! :slight_smile: