[Solved] Several stamps automatically under each other

Hi Community, I have a question about stamps. Is it possible that if there are several stamps on a document, they are automatically placed one below the other? For example, first there is an “Incoming stamp” and then “Paid”.
Thank you very much!

You can create a Combined Imprint.

Press the plus (+) button and choose New Combined Configuration.

Note: I have found a bug in the Location controls here and am filing a report on it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

But with this method, I have to add all the stamps at the same time right? If I add a stamp at different times, is it not possible for the software to recognise if there is already one?

No, the software will not recognize existing imprints in a document.
The imprints are flattened into the file.

Why not just use annotations if you want the flexibility of repositioning at a later time?

I use different positions for each stamp; that way they will never overlap. I admit that’s not the perfect solution, but - for me at least - it works well enough.

Ok! That could be a possibility! This way I can at least arrange the stamps next to each other at the top edge of a document. Is there a way to set the width of the stamps, or do I just have to test it?

Thank you very much! Worked!

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