Some convenient functions in Find mode

When I am browsing the Find results list I often come across a document that I want to do something to e.g. delete it. But I can’t find a way to do this (does not appear on pop-up, cannot drag-dro to trash).

What am I missing?

Move All Instances To Trash (Option-Command-Delete) might currently be the only method of deleting from there.

I vaguely remember seeing this issue fairly recently, but can’t think of any good keywords to recommend to easily search for it.

Select the item and press Command-R (Reveal). It will be selected and displayed in a view window, within which you can do many things to that item, including Delete.

When you return to your Search list, it has been updated to show the location of that item as Trash.

Thanks, that works – but then how to get back to my search results list? Any idea if browser-like back / forward button either exists, or is planned?

This is just another of the multitude of reasons why I always use the full Search window for searches. :slight_smile:

Oh, my last reply mistakenly assumed Sophie was using Tools > Search … (Shift-Command-F).