some emails are skipped during import

While importing large numbers of emails I noticed that the number of imported emails is sometimes significantly smaller than the number and the DTPO mail import window indicate. The log file is rather tight-lipped about it and only states “X previously imported”, with X being the difference in numbers we are talking about.

Where can I find which emails DTPO thinks it has imported already?

And how can I reset this to zero? I deleted the mailbox (or rather sub-boxes) that was affected and emptied the trash before proceeding but re-importing lead to the same number of emails gone missing during import.

Any help appreciated


You might have to disable the option “Previously imported will become replicants”. Otherwise…

…the only way is to remove all already imported messages.

Although the number is not significant in my case, I have noticed an oddity too - and this cannot be linked to duplicate messages, since it is a first import at the time of creating a new database.
I have selected a mailbox containing 4,567 messages, according to DT Pro Office’s own window. But when I start the import process, I see the message: “… messages importes sur 4,555” (I am working in French).
Why the discrepancy? Why does DT imnport 4,555 messages, and not 4,567? Do you have any plausible explanations about the missing (?) twelve messages?