Some feature requests regarding audio/video playback


here are some feature requests related to audio/video playback:

Playlists for media files

I find the user experience flawless for longer videos, but if there are e.g. several short podcasts I want to listen to while running, it’s not possible to set an order in which to play them automatically (a playlist-like functionality).

Playlists would add a lot of value to the user experience related to media consumption. They would also open up DTTG for use cases such as listening to music, among others. Of course this is also possible without playlists, but currently I feel the lack of playlists is a significant limitation.

Taking annotations without interrupting video/audio through “pop out” functionality

// Edit: This feature is actually already available. The video needs to be popped out before opening the annotations file via the inspector.

When watching a video or listening to audio, it is not possible to add annotations without interrupting the playback.

Perhaps the video/audio could “pop out” and play in the background when the inspector is opened and a user taps the Annotations button?

I believe popping out the video player may now be a standard iOS feature that could be tapped into for realizing this (but it’s just an assumption).

Thanks for considering.

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For a document management system? I mean, DT (and DTTG) is missing a lot of word processing functions, spreadsheet calculations, image processing stuff – why are playlists such an important feature for a software that is meant to store documents, organize them and permit to search in them?


I was referring to DT’s capability of serving specific use cases, such as listening to music or listening to a series of short audio/video files on the go without interruptions. So yes, in that context DTTG still has some limitations.

Agreed, playlists are not a key feature for a pure document management system. However, in my view DT’s/DTTG’s in-built support for playing media files might imply that it tries to be more than “just” a document management system.

On the other hand, I don’t agree that in-built image processing would add a significant benefit. This can be accomplished by opening image files in a dedicated app, whereas this is not possible for playing several media files in a cue.

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I suppose that DT does nothing there but just rely on Quickview or another OS feature. Playlists, however, would be something that DT itself would have to add. Personally, there are a lot of other things I’d rather see in DT than it being blown up to yet another media player. Like better JavaScript support, RegEx search etc.