Some feature requests

I’m using DTTG as my main application in iOS. I mostly don’t leave from it in my iPads, but, reading at nights (in bed) is a little bit painful with white background even with Night Shift and True Tone of last iPad Pro…

What I currently do is open the same PDF I’m reading in DTTG in PDF Viewer from PSPDF (the same SDK you are using in DTTG) and read on it with dark mode enabled.

I would be very happy if DTTG implement some kind of dark mode… Really happy. More happy if you will use the same modes that has PSPDFkit…

And to ask, I would like to have ePub reading support, with annotations and sync as it syncs any other stuff inside DTTG.

I’ve found the only completely really reliable sync engine is the one you are using in DT and DTTG, and even more now with the push notifications. You left a device and take another and… It is synced!!!

I know this is being asked repeatedly here, but will make the perfect program with [I]only[I] those two annotations. Even as paid update, at least ePub support.

The requests are noted.

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