Some help required


I have DTPO and DAP, I am a researcher/writer.

I like the way DAP draws a map to visually illustrate the links between key words it finds in web searches. But I want a way to do this after searching my 1.4TB library of PDFs and other documents.

So I am looking for something that will allow me to search for “Martin Luther”
and get results that show me in graphical format that “Martin Luther” is linked to “Reformation” and “Philip Melancthon” and also shows “Martin Luther King Jr” who is linked to “Jesse Jackson” “Rosa Parks” etc.

Can these programs do this and how can I get them to do it?


Sorry but no, this is not possible to do.

After enabling DEVONthink Pro Office’s web server (see Preferences > Server), you could use the Browser> DEVONthink Server plugin to search the currently opened databases. However, the map of DEVONagent’s digest supports only words at the moment, not phrases.

Thanks, I will try that for now. Otherwise I will be looking at text mining software such as RapidMIner or learning ‘R’, from what I understand.

Thanks again