Some Htm(l) files causing crash

After having trialled DTPO a couple of times in the past, I am happy I decided to purchase a license and I am enjoying the benefits of a useful AI interface.

Lately, I decided to index a bulk of html files I had saved from the internet years ago when I was using Windows. Most of them open normally with some missing graphics I didn’t need, and I actually believe all of them did open easily. But yesterday went through a couple of them and DTPO stopped responding. The files were not displayed, the view pane was blank. After several minutes, I had to force DTPO to quit. I ran a verify and repair procedure with no errors and nothing to repair, and I optimised the database. To isolate the issue, I created another database and indexed those files from my MBP again. With same results. Strangely, those htm(l) files open in DevonAgent, Safari, Firefox as they apparently did before in DTPO.

I’ve found on the forum that having SIMBL and AFLOAT did cause problems in the past. I removed them completely, rebooted and I still have the problem with half of those files not opening and DTPO hanging. Apart of that, I did not install anything else for the last months. I tried to attach the diagnostic report for one of these events, but it said the extension ‘hang’ is not allowed.

Older webarchives can definitely cause issues. Please hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to start a Support Ticket.