Some problems of Devonthink

I am a new user of Devonthink Pro. It is an awesome soft and I love it. But I still have some questions:

  1. It is quite good to store all the data in Devonthink, but in some time, we still need to copy some files elsewhere. When I right-click the file, there are only options to move (or duplicate or replicate) the file within the database, but how can I copy the file to somewhere in the hard disk or flash disk? The files are stored in different folders in finder from in Devonthink. I have to use “show in finder” to find the location of the file and copy it. If there are more than one file, if I multiply choose these files and right-click “show in finder” and I can find only one folder even if they are located in different folders. I think there should be a function like “export” and we can export one or more files to anywhere.

  2. Web sharing is an important function. I need to access my database elsewhere in any computers, PC or Mac. I need to share some files to others even if they do not use Devonthink. When I try to use the web sharing of Devonthink, I met some problems. In server of the preference, I click “Start on launch” and “start”, but I can only access my local database by using Bonjour in my own Mac, but I failed to access the website it produced in the page of server. Could someone help me to handle this?

Thanks a lot.

I can only help with Issue 1. Look in the File menu: File > Export…

As with many how-to questions, the Help file usually is the first place to look. For web sharing, look in Help > Sharing your Data. There is a detailed article including step-by-step instructions for “Accessing your data over the Internet”.